4-H Project Awards
Holli Uhlorn was this year’s lone winner of one of the three Friends of 4-H Awards as she earned the sewing machine. No one was eligible this year for either the mixer or the luggage.Holli Uhlorn was the only Friends of 4-H Award winner this year as she was awarded the Sewing Machine.
She also won the top award in the Constructed Clothing Advanced ( Sew Wow). Lindsey Goeckner was runner-up.
Davi Murphy was the top intermediate and Halle Klapprich was the top beginner with Kate Lustig and Olivia Klapprich as runners-up.
In Making the Most of Me Ciara Chaffee was the Setting the Stage winner with Sarah Seubert the Phase I winners, Krystin Uhlenkott the Phase II winner and Uhlorn the Phase III winner.
In the Top Model Awards Maizy Wilcox was the Constructed Clothing winner for beginners with Lizz Forsmann the intermediate winner and Uhlorn the advanced winner.
In the Making the Most of Me portion of the Top Model Awards Kodie Tidwell was the Setting the Stage winner with Maria Munger the Phase I winner, Krystin Uhlenkott the Phase II winner and Uhlorn the Phase III winners.
Top Beginning Foods award went to Sabrina Griffis. Uhlorn was the Top Intermediate Foods winner and Rachel Kelley was the Top Advanced Foods winner. 
Matthew Payne was the top Beginning Cake Decorating winner with Payton Branstetter the intermediate winner and Adrianne Nuxoll the advanced winner.
In specialty awards Marisa Lustig had the Top Leathercraft award while Aaron Goeckner had the Top Woodworking and Wyatt Thanstrom the Top Photography awards.
Rough Riders 4-H Club had the Top Secretary Book.
Darby Finnegan had the Top Know Your Government Project.
Top Project Awards
Citizenship & Civic Education Division: Hannah Munson, Citizenship Washington Focus.
Communications and Expressive Arts Division: First-Wyatt Thanstrom, photography; Second-Marisa Lustig, leatherwork.
Environmental Education & Earth Sciences: First-Hannah Hicks, shooting sports; Second-Sarah Baune, hiking and backpacking; third-Sarah Davis, shooting sports.
Family & Consumer Sciences: Davi Murphy, Quilting.
Science & Technology Division: First-Cody Schumacher, welding; Second-Wyatt Thanstrom, vet science; third-Abbie Uhlenkott-vet science.

Olivia and Halle Klapprich at the 4-H Style Revue. Both carried their little “mini-mes,” dolls that wore matching outfits to what they wore.

Open Class awards
The following are the Best of Show and Award of Merit Winners among the Open Class Exhibits at the 2012 Idaho County Fair.
ART-Best of show- Mary Bakker; Award of Merit-Linda Stubbers; CIAA Idaho Landscape Award- Ellamae Holes
BAKED GOODS-Best of Show- Lorraine Smith; Award of Merit-Tiffany Forsmann
BEER-Best of Show-Debbie Wassmuth; Award of Merit-Debbie Wassmuth
CROCHETING-Best of Show- Phyllis Gilmore
WINE-Best of Show-Millie Wimer; Award of Merit-Millie Wimer
HORTICULTURE-FLOWERS-Best of Show-Loycie Sonnen; Award of Merit-Cheryl Meehan
ARTISTIC ARRANGEMENT-Best of Show-Lu Crea; Award of Merit-Carol Sue Hauntz
VALLEY GARDEN CLUB AWARD-Horticulture-Cheryln Meehan; Artistic Arrangement-Carol Sue Hauntz
FOOD PRESERVATION-Best of Show-Trina Geis, Carol Sue Hauntz; Award of Merit-Millie Wimer, Carol Sue Hauntz
HOBBIES-Adult-Best of Show-Arge Jeffery; Award of Merit-Pat Enneking; High School-Best of Show-Seth Chaffee
HORTICULTURE-VEGETABLES-Best of Show-Ray Payton; Award of Merit-Lucille Lamb
KNITTED ARTICLES-Best of Show-Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit-Jeannette Kelly Stole
NEEDLEWORK-Best of Show-Alea Wassmuth; Award of Merit-Mary Flury
PHOTOGRAPHY-Best of Show-David Martin; Award of Merit-Savannah Thanstrom
QUILTS-Best of Show-Mary Flury; Award of Merit-Mary Flury
SEWING-Best of Show-Elayne Murphy; Award of Merit-Joan Hall
Wheatgrower awards
Following are the winners of the Wheat Grower Awards at the 2012 Idaho County Fair.
QUICK BREAD - Mary McPherson
CAKE - Rose Gehring
COOKIE - Peggy Gehring
PIE - Betty Alm

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