Rieman is junior artist of the month
The Prairie Community Library is proud to introduce the featured “Junior Artist of the Month“, Mackenzie Rieman.
Many of you know her as Kenzie and many of you know what a talented artist she is.  Kenzie agreed to display her work if she could “borrow” back from friends and relatives who had commissioned her to do a special painting or had received one as a gift. Having accomplished this, we now have a very outstanding display on the Library “Gallery Wall.”
Seventeen year old Kenzie is a life long resident of Cottonwood, daughter of Michele Byers and Granddaughter of Buddy Hood and the late Nona Hood. She also has three older brothers, Cj, Taylor and Conner. Many of you will remember Nona as a dedicated and wonderful librarian in this very library. Kenzie admits she is much like her Grandmother with many similar interests and talents. She remembers spending much of her time in the library when her grandma was working. She also has the same desires to “travel the world like grandma” who visited all 50 states, Fiji and Europe. Her favorite painting is of the Eiffel tower and plans to visit it someday. We certainly hope this will become reality. Having always enjoy art and wanting to paint, a school councilor encouraged her to join an art therapy group as a sophomore. She prefers acrylics, ink art and calligraphy. She has taken classes under the guidance of Mrs. Lundmark the past three years. 
Along with art, she loves to listen to music, playing softball, reading, hiking, swimming, Frisbee, and exercising. If you attended the Raspberry Festival and enjoyed the pretty little girls modeling their unique face paintings, Kenzie and her friend Andrea Kaschmitter were the designers. She also has an interest in Tattoo design. In her spare time Kenzie has been employed by Kings in Grangeville the past year. 
After graduation from P. H .S. she plans to attend L.C. S. C. studying Psychology and perhaps eventually work in a psych ward for adolescence. Phlebotomy and Interior design are also options. 
Please drop by the Library and view Kenzie’s display. It is well worth your time and so refreshing to see such talent at such a young age. We wish you the best Kenzie and may all your dreams come true.

Makenzie Rieman, shown with one of her favorite paintings, is the September Junior Artist of the Month at Prairie Community Library. A display of her work is on the wall in the library. 

Makenzie Rieman with her display of her artwork at the Library. 

Another closeup of Makenzie Rieman and a couple of her paintings. Photos by Laurine Nightingale.

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