Open House well attended
On August 28, parents, students and community joined us at the elementary for an open house and book fair. We fed approximately 325 people. 
Parents and students visited classrooms, met teachers and other classmates.  Our attendance was excellent with 89.23%  participation.

Online opportunities for students
Prairie High School is offering Spanish to students at Nezperce High School via the Idaho Education Network.  Laurie Karel is the instructor and  has six students taking the course.  One student from Prairie is taking Ag. Business from Nezperce using the distance learning equipment.  Juniors and Seniors are taking Health through the Professional Technical Academy as an online course.  The academy is an online option for students wanting coursework in the medical field. 
Region II Professional Technical Academy
Cottonwood School District is the fiscal agent for the Region II Academy.  Sheri Daly is the instructor of record with participation from schools all around Idaho.  Prairie High School students are taking advantage of the courses offered as students are signed up for Fundamentals of Health, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Terminology, and Physical Therapy Aid.
The Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) offers many online courses that are not available in the regular schedule.  Students are taking courses such as French, German, Sciences, Math courses, Keyboarding, Digital Photography and many more.  IDLA courses are available seven periods a day with Laurie Workman as the proctor.
Teachers Ryan Hasselstrom, Elizabether McLeod, Krystall Ellis, Darbie Duclos, Sonesa Lundmark are utilizing programs such as Edmoto and web pages to present material online for student access in and out of the classroom.
Prairie High School is anxiously waiting for more information regarding the one-to-one technology initiative as they will be one of the first high schools to receive a device.  The device has yet to be determined. 

Coaches and bus drivers receive first aid and CPR training
Instructors Patty Gehring, Pam Reidlen, and Max Pelhan walked participants through videos and instruction as they certified 19 participants in First Aide and CPR. Participants received the refresher course as needed for their jobs. 
Participants: Bus Drivers Sharon Johnson, Rick Johnson, Dan Altman, Ed Holthaus, Travis Mader, Dave Remacle, Jerry Schumacher, Joe Forsmann, David Shears 
Coaches: Ryan Hasselstrom, Matt Elven, Lori Mader, Steve Lamont, Sherry Holthaus, Becky Higgins, Jeff Martin, Carrie Nygaard, Pat , Holthaus, Sarah Walsh 
Keuterville Highway District: Brendan Sprute

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