Pirates edged by Genesee
In a defensive battle the Genesee Bulldogs scored 2 touchdowns in the second half to defeat the Prairie football team 8-16 in the Pirates’ league opener Friday, Sept. 7 at Genesee.Matthew Schwartz, hand on the football, was the first defender to hit the runner with Tyler Hankerson coming in to help.
Genesee was able to pick up 1 first down on their first possession but Prairie held them and took the ball over on downs at their own 46.
The Pirates had to punt the ball away but got the ball back when Marcus Higgins intercepted a pass at midfield and returned it to the Genesee 44. Unfortunately Prairie turned the ball right back on a fumble on the next play.
Genesee was able to move the ball into Prairie territory before a holding penalty cost them a big gain. 2 plays later Higgins made his second interception and returned the ball down to the Genesee 15 yard line.
3 plays later Higgins made a great fake on what looked to be an inside handoff to Garrett Schmidt. While the defenders were all tackling Schmidt, Higgins took the ball toward the left pylon of the end zone and scored without being touched. Higgins then passed to Kade Perrin for the 2-point conversion to give Prairie an 8-0 lead early in the second quarter.
Prairie got the ball right back as Genesee fumbled on the first play after the kickoff with Schmidt recovering at the Genesee 31.
A holding penalty erased a nice gain by Lucas Arnzen and 2 plays later Higgins was sacked for a 12 yard loss.
Pass completions of 19 yards to Arnzen and 13 to Tyler Hankerson came up about 3 yards short of the first down line and Genesee took over on their own 23.
Neither team did anything on offense the rest of the half as Prairie took their 8-0 lead into the break.
Hankerson had a great return of the second half kickoff as he took the ball on the 15 and returned it to the Genesee 42.
Two plays later Higgins appeared to have picked up a first down at the 29 on the same play he scored on in the first half but somehow Schmidt was called for holding as he was being tackled. Prairie wound up turning the ball over on downs at the 40.
Genesee got a big gain from Ben Druffel on first down to get down to the Prairie 28. Genesee then picked up a first down at the Prairie 12.
A run play was stuffed for a 3 yard loss and Seth Chaffee sacked quarterback Ryan Kneale for a 15 yard loss. 2 incomplete passes and a false start penalty later, Prairie took over at their 35.
Marcus Higgins picked up good yardage on this play but unfortunately a holding penalty called most of it back. The penalty was somehow called on Garrett Schmidt who is underneath the Genesee player in the foreground.A 14 yard gain by Schmidt and a personal foul on Genesee at the end of an 8 yard pass to Isaiah Shears had Prairie into Genesee territory at the 25.
The drive stalled there and Genesee took over at their 37. On the next play Genesee ran an inside option play where the quarterback could either hand off or keep. He handed off and Druffel broke through and went 63 yards for Genesee’s first score of the game.  The Bulldogs added the 2-point conversion on an inside run to tie the score at 8-8.
Prairie took over after the kickoff at their own 29 and on the first play Schmidt broke through the middle and went 38 yards to the Genesee 33.
Prairie couldn’t move the ball from there and turned it back to the Bulldogs.
Genesee proceeded to drive down the field, overcoming a holding penalty along the way. From the Prairie 27 they basically ran the same play they scored on earlier and Druffel scored again. With the 2-pointer, Genesee now had an 8-16 lead with 8:27 left in the game.
Hunter McWilliams got a 27 yard kickoff return to set Prairie up at the 40 yard line.
Arnzen picked up 15 yards on a pitch to the left to move the ball into Genesee territory. 4 plays later he picked up 2 yards on a fourth and 1 for a first down at the 30.
On the next play Higgins carried the ball toward the left side and at the last instant pitched the ball to Arnzen who looked like he might go all the way before being tackled at the 9 yard line. Higgins was hurt on the play and Jake Bruner went in at quarterback.
With a first and goal situation it looked like Prairie had a chance to tie the score. Unfortunately they were stopped short on fourth down at the 2 yard line.
The defense forced Genesee to punt giving the Pirates one last chance from the Genesee 43. An illegal substitution penalty (too many players in the huddle) set them back to the 48. Higgins was back in the game and after 3 incompletions he connected with Hankerson on fourth down but for 14 yards when they needed 15.
Genesee was then able to run out the clock.
Schmidt wound up with 77 yards on 9 carries to lead the Pirates in rushing with Arnzen adding 50 yards on 13 carries. Prairie had 138 yards rushing on 37 attempts.
Higgins was 7 for 17 passing with an interception for 70 yards. Bruner was 0 for 1 passing. Hankerson caught 3 for 38, Shears 2 for 6, Arnzen 1 for 19 and Chaffee 1 for 7 yards.
Druffel led Genesee with 138 yards on 20 carries. Genesee had 171 yards rushing on 43 attempts.
Kneale was 10 for 15 with 2 interceptions for 73 yards. 
Matt Schwartz led the Pirates in tackles with 6 plus a sack. Dakota Wilson had 5½. Higgins had 4½ plus 2 interceptions. Perrin and Bruner each had 4½, Schmidt had 4, Chaffee had 3 plus a sack, Casey Danly had 3½, Shears had 2½, Will Weaver had 2, Arnzen had ½ plus a sack, Calvin Hinkelman had 1½ and McWilliams and Hankerson each had 1.
With the loss Prairie is 0-2 on the season and 0-1 in league play. This week they travel to Kendrick for a non-league game Friday night at 7 p.m.
Prairie 0 8 0 0 -  8
Genesee 0 0 8 8 -16
P-Higgins 11 run (Perrin pass from Higgins) 10:55 2nd
G-Druffel 63 run ( Jones run) 1:28 3rd
G-Druffel 28 run (Jones run) 8:27 4th
Lucas Arnzen cuts past a block made by Garrett Schmidt as he looks to gain yardage against Genesee.
Garrett Schmidt broke into the open for a long run in the third quarter at Genesee.
Jerry Richardson stepped into a cheerleading role in the fourth quarter leading a PRAIRIE…….PIRATES cheer as the football team was trying to come from behind and tie the game.
All games  at 7 p.m. 
31-Salmon River, there, 7 MDT, lost 12-42
  7-Genesee, there, lost 8-16
14-Kendrick, there
21-Lapwai, here, Homecoming
28-C.V., there
  5-Kamiah, here
12-Lakeside, here
19-Troy, here
26-Potlatch, there
NOVEMBER (State games)
  2-Kibbie Dome, TBA
  9-Kibbie Dome, TBA
16-Championship, TBA

All games start at 6 p.m.
17-CV, there
24-Lapwai, here
  1-CV, here
  8-Kamiah, here
22-Lewis County, here

All games start at 4:30 p.m.
13-at Kamiah
20-at Lewis County
27-at Clearwater Valley
  2-Timberline, here
11-Lapwai, here
18-Lewis County, here

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