Scouting for Food
A reminder to residents of Cottonwood:  The Scouts will be picking up your donated food this Saturday November 10th.  Please have your food bags set out on your porch by 9:00 a.m.   All donated items will go to the St Mary's Hospital Food Bank and will help those in our local community.   If you have any questions call Aleta at 962-3724 or Shari at 962-3559.  Thanks for helping the Scouts do a good turn for the community!
Cub Scouts earn badges
Two new Cub Scouts were awarded their Bobcat Badges at the November Pack meeting on Nov. 1st.  They were Wolf cubs Morgan Poxleitner and Tage Perrin.  Colton McElroy was also acknowledged for his efforts in working on his Bobcat Badge.  He will be awarded his badge at the December pack meeting.  In order to receive the badge, the scouts need to memorize and understand the Scout Oath, Promise, the handshake and the Scout motto.  This is the first badge these boys will earn on their way through the Cub Scout Program.  The boys presented their parent with a bobcat pin in order to recognize the work that they have done to help their boys in earning this award.
Belt loops and badges were also presented to the boys who attended the recent Trailblazer Days, and the outdoor activity badges were presented.  The core value for the month of October was responsibility.  The boys told us what it means to be responsible and ways they showed responsibility last month.  
You will be seeing the Scouts around town frequently in November, as this will be a busy month for the Scouts.  We will be handing out grocery bags for the annual Scouting for Food campaign, helping with the flag ceremony at the Veterans Day celebration, and helping to retire several American flags at the city park.  If you have a flag that needs to be retired please call Shari at 962-3559 or Aleta at 962-3724.
We would like to thank the community for supporting the scout program in Cottonwood.

Back row are parents, Brandy McElroy, Loretta and Glen Poxleitner, Scott and Tina Perrin.  Front row are scouts, Colton McElroy, Morgan Poxleitner and Tage Perrin.

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