Students study water quality
The Natural Science students, a group composed of 20 tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders, recently traveled down to our elementary school to teach the fourth grade students about water quality. 
As part of their curriculum, Natural Science students complete a stream study on 3 different water bodies that compose the same water system; Fish Creek that flows into Whitebird Creek that flows into the Salmon near Hammer Creek campground. During the high schoolís stream study, the students checked for the overall quality of the water including its pH, dissolved oxygen, phosphates, nitrates, temperature, and turbidity levels to see if this water system was a good habitat for fish to live in. 
When those same students traveled down to Mrs. Kim Schumacherís fourth grade science class, they then had to teach the elementary students what each of those components were, how to test for them, and what good ranges were for the upcoming spring release of their salmon.  High school students were required to not only teach the students about each of these parameters but also incorporate a hands-on experiment for those students to perform.  Overall, both the high school and the elementary school students seemed to have a great time and learn quite a bit from each other.
Shown are photos of PHS Natural Science students working with Mrs. Kim Schumacherís 4th grade science class.

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