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With Holidays come family celebrations, and the busiest time of the year.  To allow the volunteers to spend time with family and friends, the LIBRARY WILL BE CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY AND SATURDAY. 
Any returning books may be left in the drop box, and any over due fees will be waived.  Call the  library and leave a message if you wish to have books renewed.  It will be open for business as usual at 10am Tuesday Nov. 27 and closing time will be 5pm during the winter.
A reminder; the Library is still receiving used printer cartridges. They are re-cycled to Staples and credit is applied to future transactions.  This has enabled the library to purchase extra items that were needed for everyday use such as a pencil sharpener, paper supplies, markers etc.
There were so many creative entries in the Chamber Scarecrow Contest this year, and all were winning displays.  It was an honor for the Library to be voted into first place.  Our appreciation to those of you who took time to go on line and cast your vote for the Library.  Thank You Chamber, we will spend the “Bucks” wisely.
Reasons for Thanksgiving: 
To have food enough and a place to dwell
To have work to do and do it well
To find the comfort when things go wrong
In a bit of prayer or a snatch of song
To know good books and share their worth
To plant bright flowers in rich brown earth
To have true friends----this is living
And reason enough for Thanksgiving.
Borrowed from  IDEALS  Thanksgiving book.
Let the Holidays Begin:  May this be the best Thanksgiving ever

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