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At a recent gathering the speaker was talking about Black Friday and how it has turned people away from the true meaning of Christmas. How in some incidents people were actually in harms way with shoppers shoving and pushing to claim that special item. 
How Christmas is more about buying presents, than celebrating the true meaning, spending more than one can afford on gifts for people you don’t necessarily like and stressing out over it all, thus creating an unpleasant time of year rather than a joyful one. Has Black Friday really taken over? No one forces us to get up in the middle of the night to stand in line and become a participant. Are there really that many irresistible buys? 
The speaker was great and gave the audience much food for thought.
How did you spend Black Friday? This year was my first and only at the urging of my daughter who thought it would be “fun”. It was almost noon when we hit the mall. The first store had a line backed up the length of a semi truck as some sales were about to close. We passed right on through to another area of the mall and did a lot of serious looking, trying on various garments. A dressing room is a wonderful place to avoid the crowd. The next stop was a grand opening for a new box store. We picked up a few items of table decorations for an upcoming tea. By that time we were both ready to leave the scene and retreat to a quiet place to enjoy a late lunch.
The experience was ok. Nothing I look forward too in the future.
I prefer local shopping among familiar surroundings and friendly people. If necessary, a quiet day at the mall.
By the way, it was quiet at the Library the past week. Nothing news worthy.
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