Therese Schmidt is artist of the month
Presenting Artist of the Month, Therese Schmidt.
Theresa was born on a ranch near Mason Butte to Herman and Patricia Trautman. Thus began the life of a young lady whose talents never cease and are utterly amazing.
Therese began drawing at the young age of 10 and remembers painting three pictures. Then about 13 years ago she picked up the pencil and began drawing once again under the direction of local artist, Ladd Arnoti. She remembers Ladd saying “draw more, you should draw more”. 
She later took a drawing class at L.C.S.C. for one year and a Sculpture class of the U of I for one semester. Thus began a love affair with the world of art. 
Having become the wife of dairy farmer, Ted Schmidt, her time was very limited and prevented much activity as an artist at this time. Having now retired from dairy life, they continue to farm and raise cattle. They also own a portable saw mill and do custom wood cutting. They have six children and twelve grand children.
Being involved in the Mystery Night activities, Therese started decorating for the event through her paintings, considering it a donation for God. This allowed her to overcome the fear of not doing it perfect. She says “it helped me“. “He puts the image in my mind and I do it“. “He is the Artist“. 
Her interests are in photography, pottery, oil paintings, charcoal, landscapes, and drawing but her favorite is portraits. This is evident by her display of family portraits in the library. They can also be found in California and Colorado as well as Idaho. Her least favorite is painting on glass. Recently she discovered the fun of chain saw bear sculptures. It can be frustrating, she admits. However each log takes on its own personality. Ted helps with the first cuts and Therese does the details. One larger bear is on display in the library at this time and for anyone interested, may order one custom made to suit their décor. 
The most enjoyable of her talents is (praying) or writing an Icon. When asked to describe an icon, her answer was “It is a set pattern, a window to heaven, God coming through speaking to his people. There is no shadow on the face. It is a spiritual writing, not meant to be artistically pleasing but to cause meditation on what God is speaking through the icon. There is no eye reflection but light coming from within. It symbolizes different things in the spiritual world. The artist is first to pray before the Icon“. Her favorite pastime is drawing and praying along with spending time with grandchildren.

Therese Schmidt is the Artist of the Month at Prairie Community Library. She is shown with the work she has on display at the Library this month.

Therese with a cabinet she made without benefit of a predrawn plan.

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