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Congratulations to the Children who entered the Chronicle’s coloring contest this year. Each child was a winner at the Library for they received a paper back book just for entering. Chosen as top winners were: years and under, Elizabeth Duuck. 6-8 year, Dani Sonnen and 9-12 categories, Laney Uhlenkott. Thanks, parents, for encouraging their participation.
If you have not yet visited the library to view Therese Schmidt’s amazing display you should do so soon. From portraits and Icons to wood work and chain saw art, it is all there. What talent. Thanks to those of you who have dropped by. Aren’t you glad you did?
The newest arrival “Soon”, The beginning of the end, a supernatural thrill ride into the future is the new release of Jerry Jenkins, author of the phenomenal mega-best selling Left Behind series.
In the aftermath of world war III, world leaders resolve as never before to eliminate war. The global conflict killed millions and wiped out entire countries. All nations agree to eradicate the most serious threat to world peace, Religion. “ No Religion. Peace on Earth“.
Paul Stepola is a leader in the world’s backlash against religious extremists. As an agent for the National Peace Organization, Paul relishes his job. It’s not enough that the law has forced religion underground, With unlimited resources, Paul is determined to expose religious zealots--flush them out and destroy them. His quest leads him to startling revelations, supernatural events he can’t explain. The religious underground calls them miracles. Paul calls them conspiracies. Until one hits close to home, and Paul can no longer deny the truth. When will the world discover the astonishing climax to these events? When will the nations learn they signal a new beginning…the beginning of the end? Check it out!

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