Leadership retreat is held
By: Katarina Tillinghast and Rosemary Trautman
The Catholic Tri-Parish youth group attended the Keuterville Leadership Retreat and helped out at the Sunday Mass. The retreat gave many of those who attended a better insight to the four different kinds of vocations that God calls us to live through the Catholic religion and how we can use the gifts that God has given us to help the Catholic community.
 When we first arrived at the CEC building we had been separated into two groups (one boys, one girls) and placed into different rooms. We had several different guest speakers (Father Paul and Father Meinrad, Stacy Dinning, Matthew Degode, Sister Janet Bernard and Sister Carol Ann from St. Gertrude’s, and Norm and Julie Sonnen) who taught us about the different kinds of vocations (priesthood, sisterhood, marriage life, and single life) and how God has been helping them live them out in their daily lives. We had made poster boards afterwards that described the four vocations and the kinds of virtues that were common for each one.
Later on, we went to the Keuterville hall where we did praise and worship, read from the bible, went into deeper detail of our virtues and how to use them now, wrote thank-you cards to our speakers, and we discovered the difference between gifts and talents. We also went to St. Gertrude’s the same night and prayed with the Sisters.
We all took our own individual Gift Assessments & Debbie assigned us tasks to do so that way we could have an example on how to use our Gifts for the better of the Catholic Church.  The next morning, we helped out at Mass and presented the vocation posters to the church. Finally, we went back to the CEC building, cleaned up, and then we all sat down and reviewed what we thought was the most relevant to our lives, as well as how we could use our gifts and virtues. We all signed the cards and prayed together before leaving for St. Gertrude’s to have breakfast with the Sisters. After breakfast, we went back to Keuterville Hall and ended our retreat with prayer and a comical slideshow that showed the basics of what we learned at the retreat (courtesy of Thomas Becker).

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