Notes from City Hall
A perfect example of a community pulling together occurred last Friday and out of nowhere a minor crisis was unfolding and a major effort was needed to solve it.
With two of the City’s senior maintenance workers out of town, a water leak appeared at the corner of East street and US 95 Business Loop (above the Country Haus parking lot).  Pat Enneking, the most junior member of the City crew, mobilized to investigate and repair the leak.  Bear in mind the temperature was 14 degrees and the parking lot was quickly becoming a skating rink.  The leak was located through frozen soil and efforts to shut off the water were hampered by the ice covering the valve covers.  As time went on, a small army of people assembled to assist in the efforts to control and repair the leak.  After several hours the leak was repaired just as darkness was setting in.
Included in this small army was Jake Forsmann and Dave Shears, Jr. of the School District; Rick Forsmann of B&R Pump service; Joe Forsmann of Joe Forsmann and Associates; Daniel McIntire, a neighbor and Dave Shears, Sr., retired City Maintenance Supervisor.
The City would like to thank each and every one of them for their desperately needed help as well as each of their respective employers.  Working together to solve problems is one of the many things that make our community great.  We deeply appreciate the civic-mindedness and caring of these individuals especially given the horrible conditions at the time.
Denis B. Duman, Mayor
And the City Council 


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