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If you had the opportunity to save a life would you? I doubt anyone reading this would say no.
In the Chronicle last week there was an article titled “Be the match.”
Tuesday was the day for the bone marrow drive and a chance to save this young man’s life. Were you there? 
Did you give 20 minutes of your time, fill out a form and have your inner cheek swabbed knowing someone may have a future because of you? 
If you missed it, are between 18 and 44 years of age and in good health, give the Hospital a call and see how you can register to be on the Marrow Donor “Be the match registry.” Time is critical for those needing this procedure, so don’t hesitate. Give thanks that your name is not on the waiting list. 
Have you read a good book lately? If so, who is your favorite Author? What type of book do you, the public, prefer? Is it fiction, non fiction, history, romance, westerns, mysteries, and the list goes on as we discuss what to keep, what to recycle, what to order. These are the things that are discussed at the Library and we need community input. We are open to suggestions and appreciate anything that will enhance the Library and make it more user friendly. This includes all age groups. Orders are being placed as requests come in. We are here to accommodate you, the public.
Did you know the Library offers internet as well as fax service? A copy machine is also available. So often we hear “I have not been in the Library” or “It has been a long time since I have been to the Library.” Why not drop in and see what we have to offer? It just may be habit forming.

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