Wilson named employee of the year
Megan Wilson, DNP, APRN   was selected by her co-workers as the 2012 Employee of the Year for St. Mary’s Hospital.  The announcement was made at an employee dinner on Tuesday, January 22nd.Megan Wilson has been named 2012 Employee of the Year at St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics. Photo provided by Cheri Holthaus.
Megan began her career with St. Mary’s Hospital in 2005.  Prior to working for SMH she worked in the ER and ICU  in Idaho, Missouri and Illinois and then went on to be a civilian flight nurse on helicopters and fixed wing services; which she did for thirteen years also in Idaho, Missouri and Illinois.  While working as a flight nurse she worked for the University of Illinois as a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Nurse Practitioner.  After moving back to Idaho she worked as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, and then worked in an Acute Care Outpatient Center.
“I went into the health field because I enjoy taking care of people.  I enjoy the interaction and the challenges that are seen every day in this profession,” commented Megan.  “My favorite thing to do in regards to my job is having the satisfaction of seeing someone respond to their medical treatment.  I enjoy seeing people return to a healthy state and be able to return to enjoying the things they want to do.”
Education is very important to Megan; after receiving her Masters’ Degree and being an RN for a number of years; she went back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner (NP).  Wanting to continue her education and help her patients at the same time she went back to school a year ago and obtained a Doctorate.  Currently she is not going to school but is always looking for other activities such as teaching or health related projects to keep her busy.  “My future goals are to continue to grow and learn in this ever changing profession of healthcare,” replied Megan.
“I would advise those who want to be a nurse practitioner to become a good registered nurse first before they go to school for their NP,” said Megan.  “The skills and knowledge gained as a RN will make their transition to a NP much easier and will give them a sound foundation to start from.”
“I feel there are so many wonderful people at St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics that it truly is an honor to be the Employee of the Year, an individual is only as good as the people with whom they are surrounded,’ commented Megan.  “The people are what make the facility such a wonderful place.  The community is very fortunate to have so many caring and thoughtful people to assist in their healthcare.”

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