Hospitals embrace Essentia philosophies
St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals and Clinics have been part of Essentia Health, out of Duluth, MN, since 1998. “We have decided it is time to grow the connection between our hospitals and Essentia. Essentia Health has a lot of resources to offer us and we are choosing to combine our strengths and talents to enhance access to high quality, coordinated, cost efficient care for the people in our community,” says Lenne Bonner, Interim CEO.
“Essentia Health makes a promise to its patients to be ‘Here with you.’ This promise is more than an idea or words. It is what every patient and family we see can expect from us at SMH and CVHC through every interaction. We will be ‘Here with you’ to support and guide you wherever you are in your healthcare journey,” says Bonner. 
Along with the new philosophies SMH and CVHC logos will undergo some change too. “In order to present a unified front St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals and Clinics will begin using Essentia’s logo on all printed materials; internal and external,” says Ashley Steinbruecker, Community Relations Manager. “The Essentia Logo (present in the New Clinic Hours ad) has significant meaning about our organization. The shape communicates a complete system. The three forms coming together convey a sense of unity between caregiver, patient and their families. The green in the logo symbolizes the vitality of the fields and agriculture, the blue symbolizes the lake and river heritage and the teal symbolizes the vast pines all of which are present in the areas in which SMH and CVHC provide care.” 
“Coming together as one integrated system means we are able to leverage the resources necessary to invest in innovative technologies and deliver exceptional care in an increasingly competitive market,” says Bonner. “Most importantly we are able to strengthen and develop the people, programs, and services that manifest Essentia Health’s core values of quality, hospitality, respect, justice, stewardship and teamwork.”
“All of these changes are meant to bring us closer to our combined mission which is: we are called to make a healthy difference in people’s lives,” continues Steinbruecker. “When you visit our facilities you can expect to see evidence of our tighter bond with Essentia. Our nametags will feature the new logo and signs around the facilities will be updated as needed.”

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