From the Fire Chief
Most of you are probably aware the City Council has passed a new burn ordinance.  I just want to cover a couple of points.  The types of material that can be burned had not changed.  The material is limited to wood and vegetative yard wastes.  Specifically prohibited from burning are any oil based products, plastics, household garbage, shingles, construction waste, and anything that could produce a toxic smoke or a fire difficult to control.  You must have adequate water and tools to properly control the fire to prevent it from spreading.  You must check weather and with your neighbors to insure the smoke does not cause any health issues.  If the fire department receives a complaint due to the smoke, we will put the fire out.
Burning permits are still required, unless the amount of material to be burned is less than ½ cubic yard.  Burning ditches or other fires that are not contained in a pile require a permit as the amount of material is difficult to determine and most likely will exceed the ½ cubic yard limit.  Burning permits can be obtained from the city clerk, and need to be approved by the Fire Chief or a designee.  The city plans to put a dumpster out for yard clean up and waste.   Rather than burning, we encourage use of the dumpster to dispose of yard wastes and spring cleaning debris.
On March 10, we moved our clocks forward one hour.  We recommend that batteries in smoke detectors be changed when the clocks are changed.  If you havenít already done so, please change the batteries in you smoke detectors.  Also, please be sure to test your smoke detectors monthly, and if they are over 10 years old, we recommend replacing them.
As the weather warms up, the wood stoves tend to have the dampers turned down.  This increases the likelihood and amount of soot and creosote build-up in chimneys.  If we hit a cold snap and the woodstoves are run hotter again, this build up creates the opportunity for a chimney fire.  Please check your chimneys at least monthly for build-up and clean as necessary.

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