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Please note: The Library will no longer be open on Saturday due to lack of attendance. Regular hours from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday will continue.
Spring has arrived ! The library has many colorful decorations and displays of spring and Easter created by board member Patricia Trautman. 
Also to enhance the library, three students of Mrs. Lundmark’s art class have shared a very colorful artistic display for the public to view.
When asked for a comment from the students about their work, their reply was:
Heide Holubetz: “I’ve always loved painting and expressing myself through artistic mediums but it wasn’t until I got into Mrs. Lundmark’s class that I really had the opportunity and time to do so. This painting means a lot to me because it focuses on my love of vibrant colors and wildlife. I hope to do more pieces like this in the future“. Heide’s painting of a very colorful Moose is well done and would make a great character for a children’s book.
Jessie Riener: “I have discovered embroidery to be a fascinating medium. This was my first piece and I found it very enjoyable. I like using modern images for my work. I’m currently working on another embroidery project inspired by a picture I found on interest“. Jessie’s embroidered item is exceptional with very fine hand sewing and unique stitching that creates a lovely wall hanging. 
Holli Uhlorn: “I have always liked art and design. Mrs. Lundmark’s class has helped me explore different types of projects. Color has always been a big thing in my art work. My art was inspired by a fellow classmate”. 
Holli’s display is also very unique and presented beautifully on wood. It along with the others are a “must see” display.
Summit Academy Students of Mr. Chris Hempstead’s history class have been visiting the library where they are learning the Dewey Decimal system and how to find and research topics of American History and American Culture. If a certain book is not available, they have the ability to request the book from the interlibrary loan system. This program is also available to anyone holding a current library card.
If you were not able to attend the Hospital Mardi Gras event, you missed one great fun filled evening. Lovely dinner music accompanied by delicious food, served on new dinnerware set the tone for a wonderful evening. The hall and table decorations were beautiful. Both live and silent auction went well. Dance music and casino events completed the evening.
Congratulations to Cheri Holthaus for spearheading this event and to the others who worked so hard to make it a success. One of the most touching moments of the evening for me was when Greg Sonnen led his lovely wife, Colleen onto the dance floor. To me it was a miracle come true for it was only a short while ago when a serious car accident nearly claimed her life. What a thrill to see her enjoying the evening with such a beautiful smile on her face. Way to go Colleen and Greg.

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