Prairie Bowl update
Itís looking more and more like Prairie Imperial Bowl will be installing new pinsetters this summer.
After some more investigation into available machines and input from other bowling alley owners the pinsetter committee decided to go with Russ Hunt LLC of Kennewick, Wash. and Brunswick A-2 machines. Hunt owns bowling alleys in Richland and Walla Walla and he recommends Brunswick machines over the AMF 82-70ís they were looking at before as did several other bowling alley operators contacted. Cost would be about the same and Hunt visited Craigmont recently with his installer to see if they would work with the current electrical service and space available. Other than some additional wiring everything checked out.
Along with the 10 pinsetters they would get a nearly new jet type oiler, which bowling alley operators say is a lot more consistent than the wick-type PIB has now.
They will also get pop-up bumpers for 4 of the lanes which would work much better for kids bowling than the old carpet rollers they are using now.
PIB board chairman Dave Coursey says that fundraising has been going well with about $45,000 raised of the $75,000 they figure to need to do all 10 lanes. He hopes to come up with another $30,000 by mid-May. He wanted to thank Jo Thomason, Ralph Mathison and the Nancy Riggers family in memory of Chuck for their contributions and challenge to others.
Donations of $1500 or more will get recognition in the way of signage above the machine facings. Lesser donations will also get recognition on banners to be placed on the side walls.
They are looking to start removing the old machines about the first of May and could use some volunteer help to do so. 
They hope to have Hunt and his crew in the first of June to start installing the new pinsetters.
If you need more information or would like to make a donation contact Coursey at 208-924-5470. Or you can contact any member of the pinsetter committee: Brett Arnzen, Dick Randall or Mike Ponozzo or any member of the PIB Board of Directors.

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