Magers donate estate to Hospital Foundation
St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation recently received a check in the amount of $104,771.78 from the David and Dianne Mager estate. Dianne was a member of the St. Mary’s Foundation Board from 2006 until her death in 2012.
Dianne was born and raised in Australia; and is survived by one brother who still lives there.  Dianne and her first husband had one daughter, Dawn, who passed away when she was only three years old.David was born in Cottonwood, Idaho and is survived by two sisters and three brothers.
David and Dianne met in 1980 and were married in 1985.  They passed away within 48 hours of each other; David on May 1stand Dianne on May 3rd.   “They were a couple who always wanted to be together and this was evident even in their passing,” commented Cheri Holthaus, SMH Foundation Coordinator.
“We were blessed with knowing the Mager’s through Dianne’s participation in the foundation,” said Morris Arnzen, SMH Foundation President. “Dianne and David were always cheerful and willing to do whatever was asked to support and promote the foundation and SMH.   Because of their positive attitude and commitment to SMH, doctors, and staff, we were not surprised to hear of their bequest as it was in keeping with their actions in life.  We miss them and may God bless them for their final act of kindness. Their bequest will help further the medical care of the communities we live in.”
“Dianne really appreciated how well she was treated at St. Mary’s when she was so sick about seven or eight years ago,” said Barbara Whitcomb, a friend of the Magers. “She spent almost two months in the hospital and commented many times how much she loved the hospital and loved Dr. Sigler.”
According to Holthaus, no specific decisions have been made yet on how the SMH Foundation will allocate the funds.  “We are however, going to be putting up a special plaque in memory of David and Dianne; we want their family and friends to know how much the hospital appreciates their generous gift.”

David and Dianne Mager’s headstone. Photo provided by Cheri Holthaus.

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