7th graders learn about pollination
On Thursday, April 11, Nezperce Garden Club members Denise Schacher, Lorna Inglet and LeeAnn McMaster along with Lottie Inglet President, of the Rose Buds Junior Garden Club taught Mrs. Tandy Savageís seventh grade at Prairie Middle School about growing corn.
Lorna started off the class by explaining the advantages of using sterile potting soil as opposed togarden soil when starting seeds indoors.   Sterile soil ensures that you wonít have any unwanted weeds, insects or diseases growing along with your seeds.  Youíll want to use sterile potting soil when starting vegetable seeds indoors.
They learned to plant corn in multiple rows.  Pollen from the corn silk is released in the morning and travels by wind to neighboring plants.  Itís best to water corn at the roots rather than overhead sprinklers so the pollen isnít washed off the corn ears. 
Students learned that discolored or smaller seeds wonít germinate and grow as well as other seeds, if they germinate at all.  Itís best to plant the largest, healthiest looking seeds in the packet.   We used certified organic corn seeds from Seed Savers Exchange.  You can find more seeds at www.seedsaversexchange.com.   You can also pick up educational materials on growing at your local extension office.
The twenty two students each planted twelve corn seeds in pony packs and placed them in a greenhouse to grow.   The students will take their corn plants home with them at the end of the school year to plant in their own gardens to grow and enjoy over the summer.  
The Nezperce Garden Club donated starter trays, pony packs, four inch pots, tags and potting soil to the seventh graders.
Great job seventh graders!

Tandy Savageís 7th graders learn about pollination with some help from the Nezperce Garden Club. Photo provided by Leann McMaster.

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