Kevin Conger receives award
Kevin Conger, registered Dietetic Technician for St. Mary’s Hospital was selected as the 2013 Recognized Dietetic Technician for Idaho.  She received this award while attending the Idaho Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics meeting in Boise on May 1st thru May 3rd.
Dietetic Technicians (DTRs) are educated and trained at the technical level of nutrition and dietetics practice for the delivery of safe, culturally competent, quality food and nutrition services.  DTRs are an integral part of the healthcare and food service management teams.  To become a DTR, a person would need to complete an associate degree and curriculum requirements of a Dietetic Technician Programs accredited by ACEND.  Then they are eligible to take the Registration Examination for Dietetic Technicians.  The Dietetic Technician Course is a two year program.
According to the nomination form sent in by Rachell Larsen, registered dietician for St. Mary’s Hospital, “Kevin has revised the dietary menus as well as the cafeteria menu to reflect an improved quality with emphasis on healthy nutrition. She has also helped to develop a local weight loss class.  This class helps individuals with dietary goals including; carbohydrate amounts and counting, recognizing portions and managing portion control, label reading, grocery shopping and exercise.  She has provided a network of support of those individuals to help with weight loss and behavior/lifestyle changes.”
Conger has been the Dietary Manager for SMH since June of 2008, and she has had the honor of being named the SMH Employee of the Month twice. 
“I was cooking in a hospital when I was 16 years old; I enjoyed it and I wanted to learn more about nutrition so I went to school to be a dietetic technician,” said Conger.  “My favorite part of this job is working with patients.  They are all different and I enjoy meeting them all.”
According to her co-workers; “Kevin demonstrates SMH’s core values in her daily work activities.  She is friendly and courteous and works well with others.  She ‘walks her talk’ with her strong commitment to wellness and supports others in their efforts to adopt healthy lifestyles.  She often works extra shifts and is dedicated to her department and staff.”
When not working, Kevin enjoys cooking at home, biking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, tennis and crafts.
Kevin and her husband, George live outside of Kooskia; George is a teacher at Clearwater Valley Elementary School.  They have three sons who live in Colorado, Nevada and Arizona.

Kevin Conger with her award. 

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