Seniors awarded scholarships
The Prairie High School class of 2013 has been awarded in excess of $85,000 worth of scholarships that PHS was aware of as of the graduation ceremonies.
Following is a listing of scholarships awarded by student:
Ashley Cannon: Drug Free Scholarship, $250; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; Laura Cunningham, $3,000.
Logan Dahlen: Academic Achievement Level G, $2,500; Chris Jensen/Ron Wemhoff Memorial, $1,000; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; Gear-Up Scholarship.
Amanda Dinning: Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Presidential, $1,500; Star Scholarship, $250; Gear-Up Scholarship.
Kody Duclos: Trustee Scholar, $10,000; College of Idaho Scholarship, $7,300; Idaho Robert Lee Promise, $450.
Alex Duman: Jacob Riener Memorial, $500; Citizenship Award-Lionís Club Scholarship, $150; Prairie High Industrial Tech Scholarship, $250.
Martina Everson: Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450.
Rachel Falzon: Academic Achievement Level S, $338; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450.
Cheryl Gehring: Gear-Up Scholarship.
Stephanie Gimmeson: Academic Achievement Level S, $338; Excellence in Teaching Scholarship, $1,162; Gear-Up Scholarship; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; Prairie Education Association, $200.
Taylor Heitman: Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Presidential, $1,500; Gear-Up Scholarship
Marcus Higgins: Academic Achievement Level G; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; James W. & Beulah Martin Scholarship; UI Alumni Association Scholarship.
Chris Hoene: Academic Achievement Level S; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450.
Matthew Jungert: Academic Achievement Level G; Idaho County Farm Bureau, $1,000; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; Freshman Access Scholarship; Prairie High Industrial Tech Scholarship, $250.
Andrea Kaschmitter: Gear-Up Scholarship; John Kernan Memorial Scholarship, $340; Idaho Promice, $400.
Tyler Latimer: B.H. and Patricia Wittman Memorial, $557; Gear-Up Scholarship; Hinman-Jensen Scholarship, $2,180; Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Presidential, $1,500; Robert Lee Promise Professional-Technical, $3,000.
Levi Lustig: Dee & Ina McKern Memorial, $1,000; Prairie Faith Formation, $250; Prairie High Industrial Tech Scholarship, $250; Primeland, $750; Walla Walla CC Ag Tech, $1,200; Walla Walla CC Emigh Scholarship, $1,200; Logan Lustig Scholarship, $500.
Callie Mader: Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Provost, $1,000; District 3 High School Rodeo, $550; Prairie High School Rodeo Club, $200.
Taylor Nuxoll: Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Provost, $1,000; Star Scholarship, $250.
Mackenzie Rieman: Camas Professional Counseling, $250; Gear-Up Scholarship; LCSC Counselor Leadership Award, $250; Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Provost, $1,000; Thomas Nau Memorial, $500.
Tanna Schlader: Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Maurice Shinn Sportsmanship, $250; St. Maryís Hospital Employees, $500; Travis Uhlenkott Scholarship, $500; Academic Achievement Level G, $2,500; DAR-Good Citizenship Award, $75; Gear-Up scholarship; Sr. Maryclare Kelly & Sr. Stephanie Wardle Memorial, $500.
Garrett Schmidt: Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450.
Brooke Schumacher: Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Provost, $1,000; All-Star Classic Games, $120.
Kendall Schumacher: Camas Professional Counseling, $250; Cliff Holthaus Memorial, $200; Drug Free Scholarship, $250.
Frank Spencer: Academic Achievement Level G; Freshman Access Scholarship; Gear-Up Scholarship; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; Prairie High Industrial Tech, $250.
Cassidy Stubbers: Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Provost, $1,000.
Kelsey Tidwell: CRC 4-H Round Robin Scholarship, $100; District 3 High School Rodeo, $400; Gear-Up Scholarship; Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Presidential, $1,500; Sara George Top Sheep Showman, $100; Prairie High School Rodeo Club, $200.
Shelby VonBargen: Gear-Up Scholarship; Idaho Promise, $450; LCSC Presidential, $1,500.
Claire Whitley: Freshman Access Scholarship; Go Idaho Gold-4 years: $2,500/Renew; Hogue Family Centennial Literary; Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; Robert Lee Promise-A, $3,000; U of I Alumni Association, $100.
Tyler Workman: Idaho Robert Lee Promise-B, $450; Citizenship Award-Lionís Club Scholarship, $150.
Daniel Wemhoff: Burt Lute Memorial Scholarship, $200.
Salutatorian Frank Spencer
Co-Valedictorian Logan Dahlen.
Co-Valedictorians Ashley Cannon and Claire Whitley did their speech together.
Co-Valedictorian Shaney Perrin, right, did her speech as a rap song with help from fellow grad Rachel Falzon.
Co-Valedictorian Tanna Schlader.
Co-Valedictorian Kade Perrin
Commencement Speaker Randy Brown, principal at PHS the previous 2 years.
The hats fly after the ceremonies are over.

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