IGS to celebrate 150th anniversary of Idaho Territory creation
This year the Idaho Genealogical Society (IGS) is featuring Idaho’s Sesquicentennial Celebration of the Idaho Territory with several special projects. 
Family Histories
IGS needs people to share their Idaho heritage especially if their ancestors lived in Idaho prior to March 4, 1863 when Idaho became an organized territory, or any time after this date up to 1890 when Idaho officially became a state.  IGS would like stories from northern and southeastern Idaho as the society rarely gets family histories from these regions.  
The society is also seeking stories of people’s first ancestors to migrate into Idaho.  When did they arrive and what were some of the reasons for settling where they did?  These Idaho Migration stories teach future generations how their ancestors lived during this period of Idaho history.  
Please share your stories with us in a Word document and include photos in JPEG format. You can either email them as an attachment to idahogenealogy@hotmail.com or mail them to the Idaho Genealogical Society, PO Box 1854, Boise, Idaho 83701-1854.
Idaho Territorial Cookbook
The IGS is gathering old recipes that have been handed down through generations to place in an Idaho Territorial Cookbook.  The target goal is 150 recipes to go along with the Idaho Territorial Sesquicentennial theme.  Priority will be given to the oldest recipes.
IGS must receive recipes by July 30, 2013.  Please send your recipes by email to idahogenealogy@hotmail.com or mail them to the Idaho Genealogical Society, PO Box 1854, Boise, ID 83701-1854.  Submitters should provide the following information:
The name of the submitter along with email, mailing address, or phone number.  This information will be used only if questions arise for contact information and will not be printed in the cookbook.
Name of the recipe.
Recipe category (main dish, dessert, salad, etc.).
Ingredient list which includes all items needed for the recipe. Please spell out cup, pound, teaspoon, etc.
Recipe method directions.  (How to assemble, cook, decorate, etc.)
Recipe origins, name of recipe’s creator and any story behind the origin, and the originator’s Idaho heritage.
Idaho Certificate Project
The Idaho Genealogical Society started certificate programs in the 1990s to celebrate 100 years of Idaho Statehood and to honor both Idaho heritage and persons who passed through parts of Idaho while traveling on the Oregon Trail. This is one of our most popular projects since its inception.  IGS offers three certificates:  Pioneer, Early Settlers, and Oregon Trail.  To receive a certificate, an individual must prove that their ancestor either resided in Idaho during a specific time or that they were on the Oregon Trail. 
Pioneer certificates are issued to direct descendants of persons who lived in Idaho before Statehood, July 3, 1890.  Applicants must prove direct descent from a person who was in Idaho Territory prior to statehood.  The ancestor need not have been born here; they need not have stayed here, but applicants must prove they were once here. 
People who had ancestors in Idaho from March 4, 1863 through July 3, 1890 can apply for the Pioneer Certificate and honor their Idaho Territorial heritage.
Early Settler
Early Settler certificates are issued to descendants of persons who came to Idaho between Statehood, July 3, 1890 and December 31, 1900.    Applicants must prove direct descent.  The ancestor need not have been born here or they need not have stayed here; however, applicants must prove they were here during the specified time. 
Oregon Trail
Oregon Trail certificates are issued to persons whose ancestors traveled on the Oregon Trail.  Applicants must prove direct descent from a person who traveled any part of the Trail by wagon, handcart, horseback, stagecoach, or on foot, between 1811 and 1911. 
Once a person has determined which certificate they want, they need to fill out an application, included a pedigree showing lineage, and also included documents which verify the information submitted. IGS members pay $10 per each certificate purchased and $5 for each additional one.  Non-members are charged $10 each. Application requirements can be found on our website:  http://www.idahogenealogy.org/certificates.html
All persons who have been issued a certificate have their lineage information compiled into a book called, Footprints through Idaho:  A Centennial Tribute to the Pioneer by Their Descendants.  The first volume was compiled by Ruby L. Ewart in 1989. Volume II, with was compiled by Bill C. Bowman  July 1991, and Volume III, with Cumulative Index, was co-compiled by J.R. Lockhart-Lawson and Jane Walls Golden in 1996.  The society is hoping to continue with Volume IV in the next few years. 
Election of Officers and Directors
The Idaho Genealogical Society will be holding its annual election of Officers and Directors in October.  Officer and board of director positions are for two year terms.  For 2014-15, the President and Treasurer positions will be opened as well as five board members throughout the state. Bylaws allow for four officers and up to 15 board members. Currently, there are seven members on the board.   If interested, please email idahogenealogy@hotmail.com or contact President Juvanne Martin at (208)461-8866.

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