Summer reading program continues
Kody Duclos was the guest of the day at the second session of the summer reading program on Thursday, June 20th.  Approximately 35 children gathered to participate in the fun and activities based on a “buried treasure” theme.  
The afternoon began with children playing games until all were gathered.  Pin the Eye Patch on the Parrot,  Pirate, Pirate Where’s your Gold, and Cannonball Attack kept the kids all occupied until all had arrived.  Erica Schlader, Veronica Hattrup and Amber Halligan all shared with the group their favorite book they read last week.  Kody Duclos began by reading his own children’s story to the attentive listeners.  Nine teams were then formed from all the children and each went on their own treasure hunt to find all of the pieces to their own treasure map.  Once all had been gathered, they pieced together the map puzzle to discover where their treasure could be found.  Kody, the Pirate, then read to them “How I Became a Pirate” and handed out their treasure.  The little pirates then ended the session by making themselves each a parrot.
Children are encouraged to continue reading --- earning a sticker for each ten minutes of reading!  The kids with the most reading completed by July 25th will be the prize winners!  All kids are invited to join us, each Thursday from 1:30 – 3:00 at the Prairie Community Library.  (Thursday, July 4th, there will be no summer reading.)  

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