Wimer is artisan of the month at the Library
Millie Wimer, a familiar name in the community, is the current Artisan at the Library. Her display of Quilt Tops is outstanding. The crocheted Christmas ornaments, knitted scarves, professional tote, (lap top carrier) clutch bag, and Christmas quilt used as a table cover, are among the beautiful display.
Her introduction to sewing began at an early age. Both Grandmothers were seamstresses so while visiting either of them, she would be given a piece of fabric, needle with thread, and told to hem it. By the time she entered junior high school, she was sewing her own clothes. She noted that while in 4-H she never entered the sewing division but always took an animal project to the fair.
Millie is no stranger to the Idaho County Fair. She humbly admits to possessing a “huge” box of blue ribbons from various projects throughout the years. Among them are the “Best of Show” for her wine entries the last five years . It takes a full year from start to maturity for a good batch of wine. The berries are from her own patch and never the same variety. Among the favorite is raspberry.
As an avid gardener with a “green thumb” Millie begins her gardening early in the season by starting the seeds in her greenhouse. She raises a huge garden, preserving it’s bounty. Thus, the blue ribbons from the fair.
Millie is also a familiar face in the public school system having been library aid the past 19 years and District Librarian for the past three years. Prior to that she was a substitute teacher for eight years.
Throughout those years she has taught sewing, knitting, embroidery, and various other projects. She also teaches Adult quilting classes. 
She mentioned that during her 22 years as City Clerk for Ferdinand the progress that took place. She would go door to door collecting the water bills for a flat fee rate, issue a receipt then record each entry in the ledger book. Later she would mail each household the bill. With the advancement to water meters and a new sewer and water system, the computer program was introduced eliminating the hand written requirements.
Millie met her future husband, Tom Wimer, while attending L.C.S.C. They have been married nearly 41 years and are residents of Ferdinand.
They have five grown children and seven grand children. 
Tom is now retired from their long haul trucking business.
A favorite pastime is camping and fishing with the family especially at Dworshak. Along with all her creative talent, Millie loves to read.
Her childhood dream growing up on a cattle ranch, was to become a Cow Girl. Although she has not ridden for some time, she still has her saddle just in case that dream may someday come true.

Millie Wimer with a display of her work at the Library. Photo by Laurine Nightingale.

Library News
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