Retirement party for Mary Watson
St. Mary’s Hospital would like to invite the public to a retirement party for Mary Watson, RN on July 19th at 2:00 in the hospital cafeteria.Mary Watson then and now.  
Mary entered a three year nursing program in 1950 at Springfield Baptist Hospital and Drury College in Springfield Missouri, and then she went to St. Louis City Hospital in St. Louis Missouri; graduating in 1953.  Mary commented that by the third year the nursing students were working as floor nurses as well as attending school.
In 1954 Mary moved to Idaho and in 1955 she briefly worked for Our Lady of Consolation Hospital which changed its name to St. Mary’s Hospital in 1957. 
Mary began her SMH nursing career in 1965 and was on duty the day the hospital moved from the old building to the current one.  She worked in all the nursing departments in the hospital and also worked as a clinic nurse.  She was a supervisory clinic nurse at the time of her first retirement in 1997, but according to Mary “that retirement didn’t take”.  Later that year she was offered a position in Cardiac Rehab which is where she continued to work until her recent retirement on July 1, 2013.  “This time I’m really retiring,” said Mary.
“I have met many wonderful people over the years and am grateful for the opportunity to say thank you to all my former patients and co-workers,” commented Mary.

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