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Have you visited the coolest place in town recently? It has to be the Prairie Community Library. We invite you to come in where the temperature is very comfortable. The atmosphere is relaxing and new books are arriving monthly. Grab a book (or bring your own) a chair, and then enjoy the cool, quiet escape from the heat.
While there, do not forget to visit the “wall” display of beautiful quilt tops along with a variety of hand made items by artisan, Millie Wimer.
BOOKS ON TAPE: Is there an interest in this community for Audio/Books on Tape? There is a limited selection in the library but a wide variety, by request, is available within a few days through the Boise library. They make an interesting companion a while traveling, doing housework, or in the harvest field. 
The library recently received a check for $88.00 from Spot on Yogurt and a note stating, “The employees forgo tips and instead collect donation in their Change 4 Charity cup. Each month an employee selects the charity that will receive these funds. In December the Lewiston, location chose the Prairie Community Library as their charity“. THANK YOU to Spot On Yogurt:
Also, a thank you to the anonymous donor and Pacific Steel for the $15.66 check for recycled items.

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