Dino Fun at Summer Reading program
“Dino Fun” was the focus on Thursday’s, July 11th,  Dig Into Reading summer reading program session at the Prairie Community Library.  
Approximately 25 children were present to hear Jessica Ainslie share her knowledge of archeology.  Jessica, a student working on her masters at Oregon State University, is now working at the Cooper’s Ferry archeological site down near Pine Bar.  She took time off to show the young library readers the tools she uses to dig with and several different fossils that have been uncovered in the area.  Among the fossils were an 8 inch long curved cat’s tooth, a mammoth’s leg bone, tooth and tusk.  Her interesting presentation stimulated many questions from the kids.  The children then moved into the library where they heard a story about dinosaurs.  From there they each received a different piece of a 4 ft. dinosaur puzzle.  The different teams had to piece them together to discover the dinosaur their pieces made up.  The little ones then completed a book based on the dinosaurs they had pieced together.  The older children, using a salt/flour dough, made the dinosaur of their choice.  Finally, all of the children chose their own plastic dinosaur and using that, made their own dinosaur fossil! The afternoon finished up with a couple more dinosaur books and children checking out more books to read!  The next session will be Thursday, July 18th, at 1:30 at the Prairie Community Library.  Hope to see you there!  Keep reading.  Reading charts may be brought in this next session or by Tuesday, July 23rd to be considered in the competition for the most reading in the various age groups.

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