Back Country Horsemen work to clear trails
The Back Country Horsemen of North Central Idaho was at Red River over the weekend of July 12th -14th clearing the Otterson #588 and Bridge Creek #504 and #505 Trails.  With a crew of 8 people using 3 chainsaws to cut blow downs off the trails and remove the debris.  We also fixed some of the water bars on the Otterson Trail.  The 9.84 mile trail took over 6 hours to complete.  The lower end of #504 was rutted and washed out and will require more time, manpower, and materials to repair.  
On the next day we went for a fun ride to Meadow Creek and cleared a lot of trail #541 to get there.  When we all got back we had a big potluck dinner, Saturday around the campfire and told stories of other trails, lakes and were the big fish are.
The members on this trip were Roger Inghram, Joe Robinson Ed and Donna Perrine, Gary and Pam Kleinsmith, Ed, Sandy, Lowell, Lannette, Kenneth and Ella Enneking and Cassi Kaiser.
The Chapter does several projects every year including cleaning campgrounds, spraying weeds, building bridges and repairing back country cabins. 

The Back Country Horsemen are shown clearing trails in this and the photos below. Shown above are Roger Inghram and Joe Robinson. 

Roger Inghram, Ed Enneking and Joe Robinson.

Lannette Enneking and Lowell Enneking.

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