Summer Reading program concludes July 25
 Thursday, July 18th,  the Dig Into Reading summer reading program session at the Prairie Community Library continued.  Nearly 30 children showed up to participate in the afternoon’s event. Our special guest, Mr. Dennis Greene, brought a book of his own all about the Hawaiian Islands.  After the kids signed in and played a few games, they moved into the library to discover interesting facts and stories about each of the islands of Hawaii.  Leprosy, the 2nd largest cattle ranch in America, the puffer fish, hunting the octopus, and more kept the children engaged and eager to ask questions.  When the book ended, the children moved into the larger room with just a bit more time.  They each made their own oriental fan choosing the design they preferred.  Then the children dressed either a boy or girl in Japanese attire.
The kids were reminded that only one week remains in the official reading program.  Thursday, July 25th, will be the last session!  All reading charts should be turned into the library by Tuesday, July 23rd if at all possible.  At the final session, reading winners of the various age groups will be announced and prizes awarded.  This last session we will be featuring selected children reading as a special addition to the regular program session planned.  Don’t miss out!  Read, read, and read some more.  Then join us as we wrap up this year’s “Dig Into Reading” summer program.  Hope to see you, July 25th, 1:30 pm at the Prairie Community Library.

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