Final 2013 session of Summer Reading Program held
Thursday, July 25th, was the finale of the “Dig Into Reading” Summer Reading Program at the Prairie Community Library.  Gold mining was the intent of the afternoon with announcement of reading winners rounding out the session.
Thirty-five children arrived to join in the last session’s fun.  After games, they all moved into the library.  The kids were treated to a story read by Mr. Jerry Wren, “The Gold Miner’s Daughter: A Melodramatic Fairy Tale,”   This is a melodramatic tale of a miner’s daughter needing audience participation.  Then he showed some gold and silver coins to the kids.
Following the story, the kids moved into the larger room and went through several stations.  The most exciting activity was from Virgil Wassmuth.  Complete with his gold pans, a tub of water, sand and gold he took a few kids at a time and taught them how to pan for gold!  With his great instructions, all of the kids came away with a couple of larger nuggets and several smaller pieces as a remembrance of their experience.  Taking their gold they went to the first station where they made a key chain with their nuggets.  At the final station, the children made a rainbow picture with the rest of their smaller gold pieces.
After all the children had finished, they gathered together to hear the results of this year’s summer reading contest.  Ice cream was handed out to the children and all of them received a certificate, a bookmark, and an empty book for their participation in this year’s program.  The following winners of the various ages won a Dig Into Reading cup full of candy.  They were:  3-4 years –for the girls, Miah Mager; 5-6 years – for the boys, Mark Goeckner, for the girls, Natalie Goeckner;  7-8 years – for the boys, Levi Wassmuth, for the girls, Dani Sonnen;  9-10 years – for the boys, Tony Goeckner;  11-12 years – for the boys, David Wassmuth, for the girls, Amber Halligan.  The overall winners for the primary ages (3-6 years) – for the boys, Mark Goeckner, for the girls, Miah Mager; they each received a Dig Into Reading puzzle.  For the intermediate ages (7-12 years) – for the boys, David Wassmuth, for the girls, Amber Halligan; they each received a Dig Into Reading water bottle.
Finally, I would like to thank all who helped make this year’s summer reading program possible!  With so many assistants, the children benefitted and had some exciting times!  Thank you to all of our guest readers: Kody Duclos, Maxine Riggers, Jennifer Ainsley, Dennis Greene and Jerry Wren.  Thank you to the special helpers with activities: Virgil Wassmuth, Julie Schumacher, and the circus clown.  Thank you to all of you who helped me set-up, assisted with crafts, clean up and behind the scenes preparation, to many of you to mention by name!  Thank you to librarian Donna Wassmuth and Greg Wherry for his consistent publishing. Hopefully that includes everyone – Thank you!  
That concludes the 2013 summer reading program but all are encouraged to keep reading!!!

Jerry Wren reads "The Miner's Daughter" to the youngsters at the final Summer Reading Program session for 2013. Photo by Donna Wassmuth.

Shown are the winners who read the most hours during summer reading. They are front row Mark Goeckner, Natalie Goeckner and Miah Mager.  Second row: Tony Goeckner, David Wassmuth, Amber Halligan and Dani Sonnen.  Levi Wassmuth was not present. Photo by Donna Wassmuth.

Virgil Wassmuth is showing  Nathan and Erin Wassmuth and a couple other unidentified summer reading program youngsters how to pan for gold.  Photo by Donna Wassmuth.

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