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PLEASE NOTE: THE LIBRARY WILL BE CLOSED THURSDAY AUGUST 22 AS EVERYONE WILL BE AT THE FAIR. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Books due during this time will not receive a fine.
We need your help!  Board member, Dorothy Arnoti is asking for your help in recognizing local people whose talent may be displayed in the library. If you know someone who has not been featured in the past, please contact Dorothy at 962-3613, or call the library at 962-3714 and nominate that person to be the guest artisan of the month. 
For the Senior readers we extend an invitation to visit the library and see what new reading material is available to you. The recent weeks,  books by local authors and local history have been purchased for your reading enjoyment. Among them is the book “As Rugged as the Terrain” by local author Priscilla Wegar. This Idaho site, where turbulent Canyon Creek meets the wild and scenic Lochsa River, has an intriguing history spanning well over 100 years. First a Nez Perce campsite, in 1893 it was a footnote in the saga of the ill-fated Carlin hunting party. Forty years later, a tent-dwelling for C.C.C. recruits, then Federal Prison Camp # 11, a road building facility for convicts from Kansas. Later it became the Kooskia Interment Camp for Japanese. The book contains over 400 pages and 110 illustrations, including maps. It is a “prequel” to “Imprisoned in Paradise“. 
Also by request the Rose Trilogy series by Beverly Lewis is now complete as is The Telling (Seasons of Grace # 3) and The Postcard. 
New for the younger readers, are recent arrivals of Caldecott and Newbry books. They are chosen for their educational, prize winning, and best seller awards. There are also many other new children’s books available. Check them out.

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