The LCSC Report
By:  Carla Wilkins
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Sell It on E-Bay
Mon Oct. 7th& 14th; 6 – 8:30 pm
Instructor:  Elaine Stanley
At:  Grangeville Outreach Center
Learn the four steps of how to sell on E-Bay: List, Sell, Get Paid & Ship.  The first night you’ll register with E-Bay and PayPal, research sold items to obtain best price and list your item to sell using title, description, photos, selling price, shipping cost and method.  In session two, you’ll print shipping labels and packing slips and learn how to maximize your sales using quality customer service methods and by obtaining discounts.  You must have basic computer/internet skills, a credit or debit card, e-mail account and digital storage card with no more than twelve color photos of the item you wish to sell.There are just two seats left in this class.
Artistry of Cake Flowers
Wed. Oct 9th; 6-8:30 pm
Instructor:  Beth Sturdevant; $32
At:Pizza Factory in Grangeville
If you want to decorate a beautiful cake, flowers are key.  This class will teach you how to make a rose in buttercream icing, one using gumpaste and a third using fondant.  You’ll also learn the differences between gumpaste and fondant, how to handle and store them, when to use each one and how to color them.  Students will need to bring a rolling pin, decorator bags, a rose nail and tips 16, 32 and 104.  There are just three seats left in this class.
Flavors of Italy:  Pasta Dishes from Rome
Wed. Oct. 16th; 6-9 pm
Instructor:  Vicki Olds; $35
At: Grangeville High School
You don’t have to be a master chef to create delicious Italian dishes from scratch.  Learn the techniques for making basic pasta.  You’ll learn how to make two traditional Italian dishes – chicken cappelletti (filled pasta rounds) in broth, and cheese ravioli.  We’ll eat what we create and take any leftovers home.
Please bring the following if you have it:  Food processor, hand-crank pasta roller, rolling pin, pastry roller and 2 ½ to 3 inch round cookie cutter.
Socks on Circular Needles
Thurs Oct. 17th& 24th; 1-3:30 pm
Instructor:  Myrna DeHaas; $20
At:  G’ville Church of the Nazarene
Learn to knit a basic sock with circular needles.  You will learn all you need to know to knit your sock from the cast on through the cuff, heel and toe.  This class is for all skill levels.

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