Nuxoll, Chmelik attend Lands Council conference
Senator Sheryl Nuxoll and Commissioner Jim Chmelik attended the American Lands Council conference in Park City, Utah on October 2. 
The legal, political, educational, environmental, and economic impacts and consequences of transfer of federal lands back to the western states was discussed. It has been done before! Legislators, commissioners from at least 10 other states also attended, including South Carolina and Kentucky. South Carolina has already passed a resolution to support the Western States in their effort to get their lands back to fund education, create jobs, save our forests, protect access, and grow the tax base. Idaho’s statehood laws and enabling acts are similar to all the other Eastern States, which received their land back. 
Donald J Lochan from The Federalist Society stated that a case can be made that the Federal government has not honored their contract they made with Idaho at statehood. At the end of the conference, coordination between state legislators and commissioners was organized. If you are interested, please contact Senator Nuxoll or Commissioner Chmelik. The American Lands Council website is

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