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The Holiday Seasons are upon us and the Library Board extends and invitation for you to visit the Library and enjoy the atmosphere of soft Christmas music while sipping a warm beverage. To help you get into the Christmas spirit, the librarians have gathered together some Christmas books for adults. They are on a special shelf so they will be easy to find. There are a variety of authors. Most of the stories are short and easy reading. So you can pick something of interest to you. Of course there are numerous childrenís Stories on display also. 
A festive atmosphere is happening as decorations are being added and the little dog is waiting to be named. Bring the children in to see him and help decide what his name should be. Donít forget to drop off their coloring contest entry. Prizes will be awarded for both at the end of the contest. 
Lots of exciting things are happening at the library.
You can even do some Christmas Shopping as the wonderful display of Horseshoe Art by Maurus Uhlorn is for sale.
New Arrivals for Adults include: "Outlaw Tales of Idaho". A look at some of the toughest and most dangerous characters in the West. This book introduces to a state you thought you knew--and a West wilder than you've ever imagined. 
"Myths and Mysteries of the Old West" fact versus fiction. "We love a good story more than a slavish adherence to the facts," writes author Michael Rutter. Were any of the stories about Butch Cassidy or Calamity Jane or any others true? Find out for yourself.
Students are welcome to take advantage of the library and hang out between school and extra curricular activities. 
As in any Library we offer a variety of books from classic to current. Other services include: Internet, Fax, and a copy machine. 

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