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Christmas Greetings from the Library volunteers. Stop in and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and view our selection of Christmas books for adult, young adult and children. You may even hear some pleasant Christmas music playing in the background. Again, a reminder to visit the unique display of Horseshoe art by Maurus Uhlorn. All items are for sale and would make great Christmas gifts.
For the younger set, beginning in January there will be a Story Time at the Library for all pre-school children. Details will be forthcoming so help us to spread the word to have a good turnout.
Kids, be sure to have your parents bring you in with your entry of a name for the new Dog in the library and your picture for the coloring contest. There will be prizes for the winners.
We have all heard the saying “Use it or Loose it.” It is especially meaningful to myself and others who have lived in small towns and watched the local business’s close their doors as people drive a distance looking for a bargain. We are all guilty of this for various reasons and sometimes it is just plain fun to see what is available out there. Just some food for thought. Stop in and see what is offered locally before heading out. You may be surprised not only in the price but also in the choices and quality that may be available. It may just prevent another business from closing it’s doors.
Happy Shopping. 

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