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Prairie Junior/Senior High hosted a Science Career Fair on December 17th  for the 7th-12th grade science classes.  Students could choose from 20 different presenters to visit with about their science-related careers.  This activity was organized by science teacher, Liz McLeod, and GEAR UP Site coordinator, Loretta Poxleitner, to help the kids see all the different career options that are related to science.  
A big thank you to the following individuals for taking the time to attend this event and help the kids explore science-based careers:  Helen Rowland (Veterinarian), Lynn Danly (BLM/Natural Resource Specialist), Brad Schaff (Dentist), Jan Jungert (Nurse Practitioner), Colleen Bennett (Hospital Laboratory Manager), Steve Wilson (Radiology Technician), Kathy Seubert (Registered Nurse), Kyle Westhoff (Physical Therapist), Shannon Fuchs and Brett Madron (Idaho Forest Group Engineers), Mike Kennedy and Josh Kaschmitter (Primeland, Agronomy), Rhonda Wemhoff (Architect), Bill Seybold and Kyle Christopher (Fish and Game, Wildlife Biologist and Conservation Officer), and five representatives of the Forest Service David Green (GIS Specialist), Anne Connor (Hydrologist), Amy Larson (Forester) Josh Lattin (Trail Specialist) and Tom McLeod (Fire Fighter).

Helen Rowland, DVM, and Lynn Danly visit with Prairie Students about their science-related careers at the Career Fair last week.

Steve Wilson and Colleen Bennett visit with students about their careers in Radiology and Lab Management.

Wildlands Fire Fighter, Tom McLeod of the Forest Service, gave students the opportunity to try on his fire pack, sling his chainsaw over their shoulder and "take a walk" on the treadmill.  Here, Jayce Huling gives it a try with his classmates looking on.

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