Brenda Kaschmitter is hospital employee of the month
Brenda Kaschmitter has been chosen by her St. Mary’s Hospital co-workers as the Employee of the Month for March. Brenda Kaschmitter is the employee of the month for March at St. Mary’s Hospital. Photo provided by Cheri Holthaus.She was chosen in-part for her enthusiasm to help with any and all special projects, her ability to get to know the new employees and making them feel welcome and her willingness to be part of committees and taking on extra duties. 
Brenda began her career at St. Mary’s as the Nursing Secretary and Activities Director for the Long Term Care Residents. “It quickly became apparent that I couldn’t keep up with both positions,” commented Brenda.  “The hospital let me pick which one I wanted to continue with.  It was a very difficult decision as I loved working with the Long Term Care Residents, but hated the paperwork that was involved; so I decided to take the Nursing Secretary position.  In the beginning I was basically just doing the nursing timecards and typing policies for the nursing department.  But as time went on I learned how to do a lot of different things on the computer.  I started creating posters, brochures and forms for the entire facility.  Now I spend most of my day in one of two places; Kronos (time card software) or Policy Tech (Policy writing software).  My job has definitely evolved.”
When asked why she decided on this career she laughed and explained, “Well, that’s a funny story; I didn’t really decide to go into this profession, it kind of chose me.  Before we moved to Cottonwood in June of 1992 I ran an in-home daycare and I hadn’t decided if I wanted to continue doing that here in Cottonwood or not.  Then one day in November I received a phone call from the Director of Nursing who said she had heard I had recently moved to the area and asked if I would like a job at the hospital.  We set up an appointment to meet the next day and she hired me.
“I love taking a blank piece of paper and turning it into something useful,” Brenda said when asked what she likes the most about her job. “When I started here I didn’t even know how to type, I just kind of taught myself a hunt and peck style. I had never really worked outside the home until coming to work here at SMH, but now I can’t imagine working anywhere else but here.  When people ask me where I work, I am proud to say St. Mary’s Hospital because I love my work and my work family.”
Brenda attended high school for a year and half at Kooskia and a year and half in Grangeville.  She got married in 1979 and moved to Kent, Washington where she received her high school diploma.  
When not working on forms, policies or time sheets Brenda enjoys camping, reading, going to movies, shopping and playing games.  But her most favorite thing to do is spend time with her grandkids.
Brenda’s family consists of her husband, Roger who she has been married to for over 35 years; a son Shawn and his wife Katherine (who is a Medical Assistant for St. Mary’s Clinics) their  2 year old son Matthias and one little girl, Lillia who is due any day now. Brenda’s oldest daughter, Amanda has a 4 year old girl named Grace and her youngest daughter, Ashlee is married to Dustin Behler and they have three children; Noah age 7, 4 year old Zoey and 9 month old Jozie.  

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