Ferdinand Good Neighbor Award winners
The purpose of the Good Neighbor Award contest is to recognize home and business gardens for the special beauty they add to the community.  The winners receive a certificate suitable for framing from the Nezperce Garden Club, signed by the Garden Clubs of Idaho State President and the Nezperce Garden Club President.  A sign for either floral or vegetable garden is placed in the winning gardens.
On July 10, 2014 Mike and Kim Ingram, owners of Trestle Brewing Company  received the Good Neighbor Award for their flowers in front of their place of business at 413 Main Street.  Mike has worked hard at maintaining the large hanging baskets and whisky barrels filled with assorted flower in front of Trestles.  The Ingramís have planted a large variety of flowers of every color to brighten up the town.  Mike and Kim have done a marvelous job of beautifying Ferdinand.
Mike Lauer is the recipient of the Good Neighbor Award for his vegetable garden at 200 First Avenue.   Mikeís garden is very well kept and has large beautiful cabbage heads, potatoes, tomatoes, squash, onions, corn, cucumbers, carrots, beets and rhubarb surrounded by cherry trees, currants, and other berries.  Mikeís vegetable garden is very well maintained and looks Fantastic. 
The Nezperce Garden Club would like to thank all nominees for allowing the judges to walk through their yards to look at their gardens.  Also we would like to give a special thanks to all three judges, for doing such a wonderful job of picking out our Good Neighbor Award winners this year.

Mike and Kim Ingram with their Good Neighbor Award for Ferdinand.

The flowers at Trestle Brewing Company that helped Mike and Kim Ingram win their Good Neighbor Award. 

Mike Lauer with his Good Neighbor Award for Ferdinand.

Mike Lauerís vegetable garden that won him the Good Neighbor Award for Ferdinand from the Nezperce Garden Club. Photos provided by Leann McMaster.

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