Young man builds new library sign
Prairie Elementary Student, Zane Reuter, age 11, is regular visitor at the library. After school, he and brother Zachary come to the library where their mother picks them up after work at NICI. They do their homework, sometimes play video games and quite often help with projects in the library. When learning the need for a sign identifying the library, Zane and his mother Christine, volunteered to make and donate a sign. His Dad was also a part of the project and is responsible for hanging it.
Zane found a board in his Grandpa’s shop that had been there for some time and thought it would be perfect for the library sign. After cutting the board to size, he used the router to make the letters, painted them, stained the wood and then used a water proof sealer on it. He said it took around 10 hours to complete. 
During Open House last week, unveiling took place, revealing a very beautiful sign and identifying the location of the Prairie Community Library.
Zane is a Boy Scout, lives with his parents Christine and Kevin, brothers Zack and Zander on a farm where he can enjoy outdoor life. He has been involved in several Community Service Projects in Grangeville including renovation of a church, work in the city park and other community service projects. Quite an accomplishment for someone so young. He attends and is active in Real Life Church in Grangeville. 
Some of Zane’s interests include guns, hunting, outdoors, calf riding and his dog, Annie. Thanks, Zane, for a job well done and a great addition to the Prairie Community Library.

Zane Reuter poses under the new sign he built for the Prairie Community Library. 

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