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Summer Reading has been well attended with new faces and enthusiasm increasing each week. Last week guest “Hero,” Coleen Sonnen, popular elementary school teacher, kept the children captivated with a variety of stories and much interaction. Accompanying her as special guest were three grandchildren who are visiting from Colorado.
The children were privileged to have two “Hero” visitors that day. Charlotte Dasenbrock, a faithful EMT with St. Mary’s Hospital for over 20 years. 
The children had a variety of questions and stories about their experience and knowledge of an ambulance and what an EMT does. Our thanks goes out to these local “Hero’s” who so willingly share their time and stories with these precious “future volunteers“.
Speaking of Volunteers. If you need a “get away” and have some time to spare, we would welcome volunteers to the library. Due to existing circumstances we need people who are willing to learn the computer program and be available one day a week or when needed. If computers are not your interest, there are other areas in the library that need constant attention. You would not be required to become a member of the Library Board. However we would welcome anyone interested in being on the board. 
Julie Barncord, who worked as a Saturday volunteer, has graciously come to our rescue and shared critical computer information with us these past weeks. Thank you Julie for your interest and participation in the library. We appreciate your generosity and wish you the best as you and your family leave our community. We will miss you as a friend and patron. 
The last Tuesday in July, Summer Reading will move to the park with a very special guest joining us. Come see who it is. 
Bring a sack lunch, and we will enjoy a picnic together. Families and friends are welcome. Drinks will be provided. Miss Pollyanna will be presenting awards to the children. Y’all come now. And remember, the library is a cool place to be.

Kathy Seubert was this week’s guest reader at the Prairie Community Library’s Summer Reading Program.  Next Tuesday the program will move to the City Park.

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