Schacher named Father of the Year
Following is the winning essay for Prairie League’s Father of the Year written by Lauren Alfrey with the award presented at Daddy Date Night.
For My Dad:
For most people this essay should not be very emotional. Even though the only words I can think of to say is “I love you” I know that I need to say much more. My dad means the world to me and if he understands anything in this essay I want him to know that those three words are the most important. 
My dad is always there for me and even though he is not my blood he still means the world to me. He has supported me and helped me accomplish everything under the sun and I would be lost without him. He has helped me build multiple different kinds of animal pens for the various 4-H projects that I have taken and has never grumbled about taking time out of his busy schedule to help me. He has not grumbled once, even when I tell him about the ever growing list of things I need him to build. I know that he spoils me because we now have a gate between the properties and I have all the animal pens I will ever need. He takes me to Daddy Date night every year and not once complains that he has to socialize with people. We share many common likes and dislikes, people being one of them.
Since my dad had only raised boys before me, he had to fill big shoes and toughen up in order to deal with me. He has made me a better person in every way and has always been my shoulder to cry on, even when I didn’t realize how tough selling a market lamb could be. He is one of my best friends and I know I can always count on him to be there for me. He puts up with me during the toughest of times. Sometimes when he is looking for something he has to ask me where it is I will have to tell him that I used it about a month ago and didn’t replace it because “He wasn’t using it”
Although my blood father could not be here tonight I know that I can always count on my dad to be at every event, even if he was supposed to be working that day.

Bill Schacher and Lauren Alfrey with Bill's Father of the Year award at Daddy Date Night.

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