Fire in downtown Cottonwood
A fire broke out in the enclosed outdoor portion of the former Royale Room right next to the Hers and Sirs Building last Tuesday, August 2 at about 3 in the afternoon.
Doris Stubbers, owner of Hers & Sirs Beauty Salon said she could smell smoke and thought her heating system was acting up, saw nothing there and then went outside and saw the smoke and flames. 
Stubbers put in the 911 call to get the Fire Department called in and they responded and got the fire doused. They then checked for hot spots with a thermal imager from both inside and outside of Hers and Sirs and got those taken care of as well.
Fire Chief Roy Uhlenkott said there’s no readily apparent cause of the fire as it appears to have started at the back of the old Buggy Whip stage which sets up against Hers & Sirs. The area was locked up and the fire department had to break in to get to the fire. There was nothing there that could have been a fire starter according to Uhlenkott. Uhlenkott’s suspicion is that somebody got in there, was smoking, and flipped their cigarette butt, which wasn’t completely out.
Some of the 2x4 studs in Hers & Sirs building got charred and there was some insulation and tin damage done to get at the fire
Uhlenkott commended the Department for their swift response and the numbers that responded. Of course when the call goes out for a “fire on Main Street in Cottonwood” you start thinking the worst.

Hers & Sirs owner Doris Stubbers talks with Fire Chief Roy Uhlenkott as firemen work to root out hot spots on the old stage.

A hot spot was found and firemen dug into the stage and pulled off tin and insulation on the Hers and Sirs Building to get to it. You can see some of the charred 2x4’s.

Another shot of firemen digging down into the stage to get at a hot spot.

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