Who really earned you the right to sit at those desks?
Students in Michelle Sonnenís 5-6th grade started the school year a little unexpectedly. 
When they filed into the classroom on the first day of school they found an empty room.  The students questioned Mrs. Sonnen, who told them they could have their desks when they could tell her how they had earned them.  By midday there were still no desks in the class.  Early in the afternoon however, a knock at the door produced a local uniformed veteran with a desk.  He was followed by several more veterans carrying more desks and chairs for each student. The shocked students stood by and watched in silent bewilderment. 
Once the desks were in place, Mrs. Sonnen addressed the students, ĎYou didnít earn the right to sit at these desks. These heroes did it for you.í  She went on to explain the sacrifices the veterans had made to serve their country which gives them the freedom to attend school, and the freedom of religion which allows them to attend a Catholic school.  The students applauded and thanked the veterans for their service.  
Thus began the year of gratitude in the 5-6th grade class.  Thanks to Joe Riener and the local VFW for your time in teaching such a valuable and memorable lesson!

Local veterans carry in desks in Michelle Sonnenís class at Summit, letting students learn about who earned them the right to sit at those desks. Photo provided by Summit Academy.

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