From the Police Chief
‘Tis the time of the year for caring and sharing for your fellow man.  A perfect example of that is the recent involvement from the citizens and schools in Cottonwood who gave their time and effort to make hundreds of cards for three Boise Police officers who had recently been shot.  The care and prayers presented by this community were amazing, and deeply appreciated.  Boise Police Chief Bones and his family wanted me to express their deep appreciation for the thoughts and prayers from our area.
Folks in this area genuinely care, and want to help.  But, often times that is our downfall as well.  We have seen a dramatic increase on phone scams going throughout our area.  Yes, Virginia, there are scam artists who prey on our kindness.  The most recent was reported to us as coming from a “962” Cottonwood number, and the reporting party lives in Boise.  She said the caller was asking for $50 to $100 to support the Cottonwood Fire Department.  The phone number does not exist in Cottonwood, and comes back as a Voice Over Internet Provider, or VOIP phone number…think through a computer.  Also, Cottonwood Fire Department does not do phone solicitation for funding.
Please, be caring, help those in need, but be very choosy on who you donate to.  I have recently received numerous calls asking for support for everything from Veterans organizations to Law Enforcement groups, and when we explain where I work, they quickly hang up.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the best advice I can give is simply hang up on these callers and donate locally, where you know who you are speaking with and where your dollars are going.
I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, and please keep all emergency responders in your hearts during this holiday season, they are working to help protect you, your property, and your lives.

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