Berdoy brothers earn Eagle Scout badges
On December 17, an Eagle Scout Board of Review was held for Boy Scouts Blaze Berdoy and Tate Berdoy.
The boys and their family live across the Salmon River on Joseph Plains. It’s sometimes a challenge coming into town for the Berdoy family. The weather this year has been challenging due to the snow, high winds and travel conditions.
On the day of Blaze and Tate coming down to do their Board of Review they were having some vehicle problems due to the below zero weather. They park their pickup down the road and ride snowmobiles to it. Upon arriving at their vehicle that morning, it wouldn’t start. Not letting this interfere with what they needed to do, they headed back to the house to find what was needed to get the pickup started. Once they got it started they were on their way. These boys are all about adventure and learning new things that challenge them to be better scouts and examples to our community.
Upon arriving at the Board of Review, the boys, parents and scoutmaster went and met with the Eagle Scout Coordinator, Paul Driver, and two other community individuals where the boys, at separate times, were asked about their Scouting career. After a couple of hours Paul went over all that was said during the Board of Review and I am proud to announce that both Blaze and Tate earned their Eagle Scout Badges. An Eagle Scout Court of Honor is being planned for Spring of 2017. Community friends and family, past Eagle Scouts, and those that would like to join the Boy Scouts will be invited to the ceremony. Date to be announced.
Again I would like to thank Blaze and Tate for them moving up the ranks from Tiger Cubs all the way to becoming Eagle Scouts and for their parents Brad and Lesa for standing by their boys along this long and adventurous journey. May God Bless you and your family in the years to come.
Shari Chaffee, Scoutmaster

The Eagle Scout Board of Review for Blaze and Tate Berdoy. Pictured from left are Shari Chaffee, Scoutmaster, Scout parent Brad Berdoy (committee member), Eagle Scout Blaze Berdoy, Eagle Scout Tate Berdoy, Scott Perrin (board member), Paul Driver (Eagle Scout coordinator) and Owen Roberts (board member.) photo provided by Shari Chaffee.

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