St. Anthony's stained glass window refurbished
Thanks to some fine craftsmanship and parishioners with a passion for historical preservation, St Anthony’s Parish in Greencreek, Idaho is home to a refurbished stained glass window that dates back to the original construction of the church in 1900.  When the church building burned on August 14, 1960, the window had been taken out for repair.  Hence, it was safely stored off premise and “saved” from fire damage.  
Since 1960, the window has been moved to various storage venues, most recently in the garage of the “Sisters” house, now a rental.  The new tenant of the “Sisters” house and other parishioners suggested restoration to preserve the church’s vital piece of history.  Cindy Dillehay of ClearLake Art Glass, Cheney, Washington, cleaned the old glass, reconstructed portions and added new glass.  Greencreek farmer/carpenter John Schumacher built the light box that houses the window and enables light to shine on the artwork.  Today, due to collective community efforts, the dove in the center of the window shines beautifully.  

The stained glass window from the old St. Anthony’s Church has been refurbished. Above are before and after photos by Arlene Baerlocher.

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