Over the river and through the woods—St. Mary’s brings care to Elk City
“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” may be the postman’s creed, but it certainly applies to the staff at St. Mary’s Hospital &Clinics as well. Each month our care providers head upriver to Elk City, braving cold and snow and ice in the winter months, to offer medical services to a community that might otherwise have a difficult time obtaining them. Last month, those care providers consisted of Peg Gehring, NP, Shelli Lothspeich, Michelle Hain-Flores, nursing staff, and Kelly Williams, Admissions Manager, St. Mary’s Hospital & Clinics.
“We make every effort to be there each month, although this winter it’s been a challenge,” says Kelly Williams. “Last month we made it up there but pretty much had to shovel our way in! As of now, we haven’t been able to set a January date due to all of the snow and ice on the roads. It’s our goal to get up there each the month, but who knows what this winter will do?”
“Our Elk City Clinic is a full-service facility. Vaccines, injections, wellness checks, med checks, accident/illness visits, ER/hospital follow ups, stitches and referrals, we do it all,” Williams continued. “Providing staff at the clinic means that patients who may already be in poor health don’t have to get out and travel, and our primary goal is always to keep our patients and the community as safe as we possibly can.”
If you are in need of care and are interested in the dates of service in our Elk City Clinic, please contact Patricia Menough. She will post the clinic dates as soon as they become available. In her absence, Mike Edmondson is also a contact for St. Mary’s.
It is an honor to be able to provide excellent patient care to our remote neighbors!

From left are Peg Gehring, Michelle Hain-Flores and Shelli Lothspeich, nurses for St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics who service the clinic at Elk City. Photo provided by Kim Johnson.

Kelly Williams, admissions manager, shovels snow at the Elk City Clinic. Photo provided by Kim Johnson. 

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