From the Police Chief: Establishing a hospitality shelter for stranded travelers
During the recent road closures we ended up with many travelers stranded in town.  The City opened the Community Hall in order to provide for a safe, warm place for people to go to.
From that we have established a Hospitality Shelter Plan, knowing that there is a very real likelihood it will happen in the future.  We will open the Community Hall for travelers and local citizens as a place to get warm, gather information, or hang out.  We are working on putting together all the necessary pieces to make this happen and came up with one piece that we cannot cover.
We need your help!!  What we need is someone, or a group of folks, who would be willing to be the local representative.  It would be best, probably, if it were someone in town.  If the highways are closed resulting in needing to open the hospitality shelter it wouldn’t be feasible to expect someone to try and drive into town to staff it.  We would open the building, provide everything needed and all the information needed, and would work directly with whomever would be manning the shelter.
Keep in mind; this would only be a TEMPORARY shelter type activity.  The City does NOT want to get into the long term shelter business.  We are currently working with the Red Cross to manage that type of a situation.  So, it would end up being a few hours hanging out in the Community Hall, drinking coffee, eating snacks, and chatting with folks.  
If this is something that you, or your group, may be interested in helping the community out with PLEASE contact City Hall and we will put your name on the list.
Oh, from our last event, MANY travelers were very impressed with our small town, and the hospitality and care that they were given while stranded here.  Ya’ll should be proud, I am.

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