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In anticipation of Central Idaho Art Associationís (CIAA) 50th Spring Show, May 4, 5, and 6, CIAA celebrates founding member, Irmalee Green. The 50th Show remains at the Bicentennial Historical Museum and will feature the art of founding members.
Irmalee Green was a great contributor to the CIAA in its beginning. She served as the first Social Chair. This was especially important to the new club in expanding and developing the club.  She worked on growing the membership, organizing shows and classes, and otherwise promoting the CIAA.
Mrs. Green was mainly a self-taught artist. However, she took classes from Ladd Arnoti as well as other instructors sponsored by the club. Irmalee favored impressionist style of painting.
Landscapes, especially those including old barns and buildings, were among her favorite subjects. She also did portraits. Many of these she created from her imagination. Pastels were her favorite media as well as oils. 
Her son, Patrick, recalls that his mother created artwork ever since he could remember. He remembers her and Cleave Eimers often taking a lunch and going out to paint nature. One of their favorite places in the area was up the hill from Fish Hatchery Road. He noted that she was a dedicated and focused woman and nurtured a large circle of friends.
Mrs. Green competed in art shows, including the CIAA Spring Art Show in Grangeville. Besides her artwork, she enjoyed knitting and was an avid gardener. She was an active member of PEO Womenís Club and was on the Grangeville Library Board. She and her husband, Roy, enjoyed raising their three boys in Grangeville. They had a family farm between Grangeville and Fenn.

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